The Sandjacking process is applicable to concrete slabs of all sizes and uses. Especially important for commercial customers, concrete may be used during the repair process, requiring no down time, traffic control or disruption to business. Voids filled with sand achieve a 99% compaction rate. The process may be used to repair existing concrete or as a quality assurance measure at the end of construction projects of all types.

Common commercial applications include:

  • Roads and interstate highways
  • Bridge approaches
  • Driveway approaches and driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • City curbs and gutters
  • Filling old culverts or pipes
  • Parking lots slabs
  • Warehouse floors and interior building floors
  • Electrical transformer concrete pads
  • Storage tank foundations
Sandjacking addresses long-term concrete problems. Standing water in concrete parking lots leads to several types of problems including trip hazards, icy walkways and additional cracking due to the freeze-thaw cycle. Sandjacking provides a quick, cost efficient solution to existing problems and is a proactive deterrent of future troubles.