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The average customer looking for concrete repair will encounter many descriptions of what caused the problem and a suggested solution.

The tone and tenor of the claims by other solutions has carried on for years and perpetuates many misconceptions. Sometimes, the contractor doesn’t know he’s lying to you. Also, sometimes the problem is hidden until the warranty can expire. Also known as an industry secret. The length and breadth of the problem is only addressed by one repair – Sandjacking.

Many of the companies involved in the repair process don’t have a complete understanding of all the aspects and amount of voids under concrete.

If you own concrete,

you may wonder what is happening when it does something new. Or, you may have bought concrete and it’s not where it used to be. Almost all problems can be explained if you know how to read the signs.

Concrete will tell you what is happening
if you can interpret the message.

Concrete won’t lie, but it can hold
a secret for a long time.